Friday, March 23, 2012

North Dallas LYS

A few weeks ago, while visiting friends in Dallas, I happened upon Holley’s Yarn Shoppe.
The ball of yarn with needles through it for the ‘o’ is a metal sculpture. Isn’t it neat?
Okay, so I didn't happen upon it so much as pump my friend for information as to where the nearest yarn store was and drag him and DH to it. When you enter the shop there’s a reading nook where you can browse through the latest knitting magazines.
It is also where a bored DH, or random friend you dragged with you, can hang out while you pet the yarn.
The magazine rack was made by a friend of the store.
I love the little yarn ball detail.
There was the required wall of needles.

Those are giant pegboards. Cool idea.
 They’ve only been open a year and a half, and already they have a nice selection.
From the front door
So many yarn stores have these square cubbyholes to hold yarn. Wish I had enough room to keep my yarn this way.
Scrumptious. Also on a pegboard, what a great way to show off yarn.
I couldn’t stop by a yarn store and not buy anything. But I was deep in baby blanket land, and didn't want to distract myself with new yarn. What to do? Buy a book about knitting dogs, of course. I picked it up because I liked Kay's review, and I've some friends and family who need dogs in knitted form.

If you are ever in the North Dallas area, check out this little shoppe. There are a few tables where you can sit and knit. It had that “my neighborhood yarn shop” vibe: cozy, welcoming, and a place to find good knitting advice. They admired my yarn choice for the baby blanket; they know how to make a knitter feel special. And you can tell they know what they are talking about, just by the caliber of the projects hanging around.
All the different strings that would be required impressed the heck out of this intarsia novice.

Next time: Lace, baby blanket, and the corners are going to kill me.

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MaryAnne said...

That fire engine is amazing! Love the "O" sculpture for the sign, too.

I wish I had space to keep my fabric in neat little square cubbies like that.