Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This past weekend DH and I went to Denver, Colorado to visit a friend who was graduating. It was a blast! We saw the midnight showing of Avengers, got mani/pedis, ate like there was no tomorrow, survived a completely unexpected hail storm, saw Avengers, again, and we were generally rather silly. We also made it to a LYS by the name of Lamb Shoppe. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Upon entering the shop:
 They had lots of cool stuff as you ventured deeper into the store:
Buttons, lots of them!
Wall of needles.

They also stashed needles on the end caps. Tricky.
I love that they have a ladder on rails to reach yarn.
One of my great aunts used to make dresses like these.
I’m not sure if I love or hate them but they make my hands cramp in sympathy.

Coffee, Tea, and Yarn! I've found heaven.
They were out of caramel so, instead of the caramel sheep, I had a regular mocha. Super tasty!
A hedgehog blanket and matching sweater! I’m in love.
I wish I'd gotten the name of this pattern.

It's reversible. How cool is that?

There was a tucked away staircase. It didn't go far.

But it was a place where kids could draw on the walls while you yarn shop.
While I’m not sure about the altitude, as a knitter, I could survive in Denver. They have a yarn store with COFFEE and TEA in it! And it’s good, too. If you are ever that way, you should stop by.

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Erin I said...

Super cute! I, too, love the ladder on rails. Please tell me you climbed the ladder and had someone push you around on it!