Friday, September 16, 2011

We interrupt this regularly scheduled knitting blog...

I have two pressing issues I must share that have nothing to do with either knitting or yoga. The first is that the Fiat 500 is fabulous.

My car is in the shop for coolant leaks, and I scheduled a rental car. They ended up giving me a red Fiat 500. I didn't ask for one, I just wanted the cheapest car for the day. But I guess something told the very nice guy at the counter that I needed to be driving this car. They also gave me the red one instead of the gray one. I didn't ask.

I love this car. I want one for my very own. Top Gear did a segment on the Abarth version and I've been lusting after one ever since. This was the first time I got to drive it.

It has so much style, and is so very Italian. When I got in the car the clock was 10 minutes late,  just so you would be fashionably late and not unforgivably on time. The visors are so small as to be practically useless. But there were mirrors on both, so you could make sure you looked cool when you drove with the windows down and said "Ciao."

I had to take a few pictures before I gave it back:
Here's what it looks like parked in my garage.
And here's the inside.
I'm sure you can find better pictures out there, I just needed to take these.

The Fiat 500 is the little red dress. You drive down the highway and feel like everybody is looking at you and admiring you for your good taste and sexiness. Too bad it was just for the day.
I did not test if the spinning wheel would fit in the back seat, but I know it would look good in the passenger seat. The candy apple red matches my wheel, but I swear that has no bearing on how I feel about the car.

The second non-yarn, non-yoga subject is Austin City Limits Music Festival, usually referred to as ACL. It starts today and I'm excited.
Today I plan on seeing: Fool's Gold, Electric Touch, a bit of Coldwar Kids, Foster the People, Gary Clark Jr., and Coldplay!

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