Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Knitting Nest (in Nevada)

We recently went skiing at Heavenly (a resort next to Lake Tahoe). 
It was well named.
While there, we just happened across* a cute little yarn store. There’s a Ravelry iPhone app called yarnphone; it’s been very helpful in discovering the nearest LYS. I do recommend calling the yarn stores first, as I don’t think the app is updated if a store closes down.
The store was a bit out of our way, on the Nevada side of the mountain.
It’s tucked in downstairs of a small, event venue. DH said the rest of the place was nice, I didn't make it that far.
The Knitting Nest, not to be confused with the one in Austin.
It was a two room little shop, but stuffed to the gills with all sorts of lovely yarn.
The view from the entrance.
The lady in the picture above is Lauren. She was sweet and helpful, even though we showed up 5 minutes before the shop was closing, in ski gear. 
I did not buy this book, because it was heavy and I didn’t want to weigh down my carry on. But, I will own it soon!
They had the required wall of needles. It included an afghan crochet hook that I snapped up.
There was a little book nook.
A spot to pick out patterns.
Look, shiny yarn. I love the cabled top.
Lauren had bought fiber for when she thought she was going to be spinning. She has been more focused on knitting, so was willing to sell me some.

I think this will spin up nicely. I had a hard time getting the right color.

Next time: Who needs eggs when you can dye yarn? 

*Read: I searched out and dragged DH and non-knitting friend with me.


Erin said...

I had a feeling that when you said "happened across" you did not really mean that. ;)

MaryAnne said...

You find the cutest yarn shops!