Monday, November 14, 2011

Kid N Ewe tips.

As promised I took a whole bunch of pictures this past weekend at Kid N Ewe. Lots. So, while I’m going through them and organizing my thoughts, here’s a little list of things I learned at my first Kid N Ewe:

1. Make sure you know how many buildings there are in the festival. I felt rather silly when, after walking around one large room for three quarters of an hour, someone pointed out there were two other buildings to check out.
2. Bring cash. It’s not immediately apparent that you need cash. Most venders take plastic – there’s an iPhone app that allows them to swipe and send you a text receipt. (I love the world we live in.) But if you want to EAT anything, you need cash. I was booked from noon to 6, without a block of time to run to an ATM, so I was fairly loopy by the end of the first day.
3. If you are doing any dying, you need to bring the right supplies. Full dish gloves, the latex ones are too short, and gallon size zip top bags are a must. Also, it’s great to wear old clothes to dye in, but be sure to bring an old coat because it can get a bit chilly.
4. Lye itches before it burns. If you are using it (to dye or make soap) be sure to pour some vinegar on anything that itches, better safe than sorry.
5. Life would have been a whole lot easier, and I think I would have gotten to know more fiber folk, if I’d rented a room in Boerne rather than driving to San Antonio to stay with my sister. But I would have missed playing Killer Bunnies, watching Mean Girls, and hanging with my sister and her friends. And that would have been a shame.

Next time: A glut of photos.

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Erin said...

Mean Girls is great. Tina Fey wrote it.