Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gingerbread! And lots of it.

The magic of the internet started working again. All hail the random gods of the internet. So you will now be subjected to many, many pictures of our gingerbread house.
Don't worry there's a bigger picture at the end.
How to make a gingerbread hobbit hole:
First assemble all your tools, preferably in someone else's much larger kitchen. (Thanks, Mom!)
Cover the board you are going to use to hold the completed house with parchment paper.
After having mixed the gingerbread the day before (it has to chill over night) roll it out on parchment paper.
Form the gingerbread to the bowl you've chosen as a mold. (You did grease it, right?)
Like so.
As it cooks, if you've made your gingerbread too thick, it will start to crack. Take it out of the oven and patch with not quite cooked gingerbread (try to keep from burning yourself), and then pop it back in.
We thought about greasing it, does that count? No?
Make another one.
And then a lot of work happens and you get to here:
Sorry for the blurry camera phone shot. I did the icicles.
I also made the shed and the shovel, all by myself. I'm quite proud.
Very proud, actually.
I think the trees are fabulous. I had no part in them.
The wood pile used to be a gate, but I may have broken it. Twice. (Sorry KW.)
And here it is again in all it's glory:

Next time: Christmas stuff I couldn't show you while I was working on it.


Erin said...

Those pics look great. Good job!

MaryAnne said...

Love it!!! Knew what it was instantly!

The shovel is adorable.