Monday, February 13, 2012

I can't stop partying, partying...

Friday night we went downtown to see the Minor Mishap Marching Band. The doors were supposed to open at 9:30pm, Antone's didn't let us in until 10:30. Not a big deal, except that we were supposed to be at a different party at 11pm. So we didn’t get to see the band, but hanging out in the line was a lot of fun.

We left downtown to change into our superhero costumes, so didn’t make it to the party till midnight. We left early (3am), and then came home to crash. V&K spent the night, but we were asleep when they got in.

Saturday morning I ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. But I found my calm when I got to yoga just after 1. I basked in the calm for an hour and a half, and then returned home to hang with DH and V&K. Around 5 we decided it was time to eat. So we met up with some of the superheroes from the night before, and we all headed down to Driftwood to eat our weight in Barbeque at The Salt Lick. (If you haven't been you are missing out.)

On the way back we stopped in Goodwill so V could find a costume for the party that night. Then we headed home and zoned out, each in our own food coma. Once we shook off our stupor, we planned the rest of the evening. V&K would head to the costume party and DH and I would meet them up later as we had a previous engagement.

DH and I went to N’s to hang with some of our besties around a fire pit. Erin had made marshmallows (yes, she made them - they were delicious) and we roasted quite a few. I ate until I hurt, again. Then it was time to head over to that night’s costume party.

We got there a bit after midnight. The cops had already come and gone, so the bands were no longer playing outside. However, there were DJs inside spinning great music. I got my second (fourth) wind and danced till 2am.

Sunday I was sore; I hurt in places I haven’t hurt in years. So, aside from spinning and plying a bit, I did nothing productive. Most of the day was spent on the couch watching White Collar (my newest TV love). It was the perfect day for it - cold and dreary. I'm glad I had a day of down time to rest up for the week. I hope your weekend was as party-filled, or as chilled, as you wanted it to be.

Next time: Swatches!

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