Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Casting on and setting an intenton

And so it came to pass that she did shout unto the interwebs, "Look, I've got a blog!"
And the interwebs did reply, "meh."

Hello out there.

Ah, the first blog post. From the few I've read, I get the feeling that a blog is a work in progress. Each tends to develop its flavor as it goes along. So I guess the first post is kind of like the first pancake. Or like your first finished object. The one with the unintended yarn overs, the dropped stitches, and made out of squeaky acrylic. Or like your first downward dog - where your shoulders are tired after two breaths and your calves tell you this is NOT a resting position. Something to use to measure your progress, but might cause a wince or two when rereading.
So here it is, the first post:

um..... I like knitting, and I like yoga, and I think the two work very well together, and I'm hoping to create some knitting patterns for yoga gear and maybe spin some fiber into yarn. Oh and crochet is cool too.

Yep, definitely the first pancake.