Saturday, March 26, 2011

Late night pondering

I'm planning on getting up tomorrow for early morning yoga* and then spinning at HCW, so quick update tonight.  I had a knitting epiphany yesterday: when knitting cables left = back, right = forwards.  I should have known this, I've been knitting cables for a while.  But this time it stuck. I think this will help me when I get around to writing knitting patterns.
The other main thing I've been thinking about is whether I should finish my thin singles as lace weight, or if I should ply them with each other.  I know that if I ply them they will be more balanced which is what I am looking for, but they will probably be fingering or sports weight which is thicker than I'm looking for.  I guess I'll sleep on it.

*early = before 9am on a Saturday.

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