Monday, June 13, 2011

Not much yarn, but a great weekend anyway.

I’m still on a yarn diet, but we did enough other things that I was not too discouraged by the lack of fiber. Thursday night we went and saw Cave of Forgotten Dreams. It’s a documentary about the Chauvet caves in Southern France. The documentary is a little weird, and the bit at the end about the albino crocodiles is pretty much pointless, but the cave paintings themselves will knock your socks off. I’d recommend seeing it in 3D, because the way the walls curve is part of the art. And like most cave paintings, I don’t think they would make as much sense in 2D.

Friday morning I had PT. The therapist I’d been going to was out, so I ended up seeing someone else. She gave me a nice massage, except for her exclamations of horror at the state of my neck. After pressing on my pectoral muscles to get them to relax a bit, she taped up my back to fix my posture. I was stunned at where my shoulders are supposed to be. I’ve never stood like that a day in my life. I didn’t really discuss going back to knitting or spinning with her because she wasn’t the one who put me on a diet.
That night DH, my sister and I saw White Ghost Shivers with friends who had seen them before. We danced, and had a great time was had by all.

Saturday I went to yoga with Scott, but I did not push myself as hard as I normally would. I was sore from the PT and tired from the dancing. But it was a calming practice and I’d had a bit of a week, so I was glad I went. That afternoon DH and I went to the HighBall for a karaoke birthday party with wigs and props. (I have to find a red wig in the same style.) Then home to let the dog out and pick up my sister, and then back out again to hang with the birthday girl and friends for a great game of Apples to Apples.

Sunday we stayed in and did laundry. I am SO excited about having clean laundry. I should not be this excited, but I am. I played around online for a while* until I gave into temptation; I carded some fiber together and spun for about two hours. It wasn't great fiber, just some left over fiber from my spin 101 and 201 classes, but it felt fabulous to sit down at my spinning wheel. I attempted to spin holding the fiber in my right hand and drafting with my left and, while it wasn’t a complete success, I had better luck than I’d had previously.
That evening we saw the new X-Men movie at Alamo Drafthouse. While there were a few things that were a bit off (isn’t Banshee Irish? and how is Havok older than Cyclops?), I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was true to the spirit of the comics.

Yoga and PT tomorrow. Perhaps I will get the thumbs up to knit and spin more.

*DH has recently gotten an Ipad. I can’t post pictures to blogger on it. It only took me two hours to figure that out.

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