Thursday, June 23, 2011

A visit to Sassy Spinster, with Pictures!

When you get to the old main square of Lancaster, you will find you are actually on a round about with parking spaces. If you use a GPS to get there, like I did, it will be very confused at this point. No worries, just park in the shade and walk across the street and you will find the Sassy Spinster tucked into one of the corners.

Inside you’ll be greeted by yarn, lots of it, and a little yellow bird in a cage. When you hear a tea kettle just starting to boil, it is actually the bird just warming up before it starts to sing. (Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the bird.)

 Be sure to go past the counter and into a little hallway; there is a room almost as large as the one you just left. It houses the fiber part of the store.

There’s a surprising amount of different types of fiber tucked away in those cubbyholes. Also enough dye to get you started should you decide to start making your own colorways.

Look at the gorgeous braids on the wall; I wanted to take them all home. Do you see that wire can in the bottom right? It’s got huge balls of different colored fiber. I don’t recall the kind, but I was seriously tempted to buy a whole ball. Just to display a 5 pound ball of fiber in bright blue, or yellow in my living room. But I didn’t think DH would go for it.

 Those baskets contained undyed wool of a number of types. The brown in the center at the bottom was merino that still had some lanolin. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted. And hanging off the side of the metal shelf there’s a basket with dog hair and another with mohair locks.

 In between the two walls of fiber there was this great wooden… thing. I think it was an old loom, but I was so focused on the fiber I didn’t think to ask what it was until I’d left. There’s a Kromski Sonata in front of it, and the white thing hanging off the side is a blanket made from a potholder loom.

Looking over these pictures I am feeling rather proud of my restraint in what I bought.

Four types of cotton

I was both intrigued and slightly disgusted by the dog hair. I’m still torn over whether I should have bought any.

And finally pictures of tea:

Earl Grey Creme tastes like it already has cream in it. Steep 2-3 minutes.

The Jasmine Dragon Pearl tea is really wonderful by itself, but when mixed with the Rooibus Tropica has a fruitier taste.
    I'm not sure if it's the White Avuredic Chai that has the cinnamon taste or if it's the Samurai Chai Mate, but these two also go together really well. 

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