Sunday, May 15, 2011


Friday evening we drove to Galveston to visit youngest SIL (YSIL) who is going to nursing school there. DH drove, so I could finish the hat I’d started for little Z.
 I’m sorry it is such a poor picture; I was tired when I took it.

Saturday we went to Houston for little Z’s 1st birthday party. Little Z did not like the hat. I don’t blame her – I made the toddler size instead of the newborn – it was huge on her. Her older sister, little S, claimed it instead, and did not want to take it off. I will admit I got a kick out of how much she liked it. I’ll make another, perhaps a bit bigger for little S to grow into so that little Z can wear hers when she gets big enough. I need to figure out what to make for the nephew’s birthday. If I could find something fairly fast (the party is in two weeks) and is cowboy related that would be perfect.

After the party, Youngest SIL, Eldest SIL, MIL and I went for pedicures. It was the belated Mother’s Day gift from ESIL. I got a little flower, with a jewel, on both big toes. Yes, it is a silly little thing, but it makes me happy every time I see it.

Since Ike there is very little choice on where you can buy groceries in Galveston, so we hit up Walmart for some milk and silly souvenirs. I found Peaches and Cream yarn there (so that’s where you buy it!) and bought way too much of it. And some size 8 circular needles for YSIL. We stayed up late and hung out, and I taught her how to do the knit stitch. I’m not sure how much stuck, it was very late and we were watching a movie. But I left her my size 11 bamboo circular needles (I’m never going to use them), and a ball of yellow Peaches and Cream. And the hope that she might eventually make a washcloth. I’ll teach her the purl stitch next time we go.

Sunday we had a late start. My fault. I did NOT want to get out of bed. In fact, I could only be coaxed out with the promise of more candy than any one person should have. We visited La King’s Confectionery; I’d always thought was called The Candy Factory. I have very fond memories of being spoiled rotten there as a child. I got one of everything; ok not quite, but it was a nostalgic romp and I even got a lemon custard ice-cream milkshake. Continuing on the shopping spree we stopped by Tola “Mo’ Bettah Market” and I bought the biggest sunhat in all of Christendom. It’s huge! But you can roll it up small and it easily pops back into shape. I will never have to put sunscreen on my shoulders again. Bliss!

We went back to YSIL’s place and changed shoes to go down to the beach and get our feet wet. I wore my hat and REI quickdry clothes and was neither sunburned nor covered in greasy, smelly sunscreen. I’ve decided that I don’t actually hate the beach, just swimming suits. Why am I surprised?

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Erin said...

1. Holy shitballs, Batman - a lemon custard ice-cream milkshake?! That sounds a-maz-ing.
2. Make him a cowboy hat. Or a Batman mask (just continuing the theme)
3. Shame on you for not putting on sunscreen! Batman would disapprove. And more embarassing, so would Robin.