Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good news and plans

I did not have to get a shot into my shoulder. Hurray! I have a prescription for physical therapy, and a topical ointment and that’s it. I should see the doctor again in 6 weeks, and by then be much better. I’m thrilled!

I really enjoyed my yoga practice this morning. My intention was “I am happy” and it’s really lifted my mood. Whenever I’ve gotten a minute to sit and think I’ve tried to focus on happy instead of worried. (Being “slightly worried” had become my normal state for too long.) Knowing that my shoulder is not nearly as messed up as I feared does put a good spin on the rest of the week too.

I felted the little basket in the washing machine last night. It turned out ok. I’d like to felt it a little bit more so it is sturdier, but I want to finish the doo-dad that I plan to put inside it first and make sure it fits. I’m not sure how I feel about using the handspun for the doo-dad. I’ve only got the center done, but I do not love it so far. I’ll finish it and reserve judgment till then.

I found a few different options for the Nephew’s birthday, but I can’t decide. I can make the “quick, will be done before the party” gift, or the “won’t be done by the party, but is soooo cute it would be worth being late” gift. I’m more inclined to do the latter. I’d rather it be late and he love to play with it, than on time and he doesn’t care.

Have you seen the Yarn Harlot’s Jacob Damask shawl?  I’m so inspired. I’d love to go from fleece to shawl. I’m getting better at spinning, so it’s not inconceivable that I might get there in the next year or so. How far did you say this rabbit hole goes?

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Erin said...

I still say knit him a Batman mask.

That shawl that Yarn Harlot made is gorgeous and the colors are perfect!