Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas saved - Gingerbread is a go.

Yoga on Monday was wonderful. I found out there is going to be a partner yoga again some time in March. So Monday was not actually the last class, and I'm glad.

Tuesday I saved Christmas when I remembered that bead is another word for button. I'd finished two of my Chevette inspired crocheted chokers (pattern forthcoming, pictures soon), except that I needed to sew the buttons on. There were no buttons. None to be found in the house.  Despite the fact that I know SOMEWHERE I have a bag full, and all this less than an hour before the party where I was planning on giving them away. Enter the beads. Freak out averted. The party was great, and the gifts went over well.

This evening I went and made gingerbread dough with my sister. We argued about discussed how we were going to build this year's gingerbread house. We have the same end goal, but different ideas of how to get there. Eventually we agreed on a new plan and got down to the business of making the dough. I think we are getting better at it - it didn't take nearly as long as it did last time. We stuck the dough in the fridge, it needs to be chilled, and then spent the rest of the evening watching Doctor Who with my dad and DH. Perfect.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.


MaryAnne said...

Nice save on the beads. I have a sewing project that needs doing, but I can't find a single bobbin. Despite having at least twenty (of course, they are all lost in the same place, wherever that is...)

Looking forward to the gingerbread house!

Marisa said...

HAHAHAHAH "argued about"

Erin said...

Glad you found a solution - from what I saw I liked what you did.

Haha, glad you liked the party/gathering/whatever. I put everything together last minute and by myself in the midst of making gifts for everyone, so I'm really proud of myself for being able to make it happen (yes, I'm going to brag on myself even if it makes me sound totally conceited and even it if was just a little gathering and not a big ol' Christmas bash! I worked hard, y'all).

I'm sure the gingerbread house will be amazing. I'm always impressed!