Monday, December 5, 2011

Delightfully Rainy Weekend

Friday we hung out with our usual crowd, always a good time. Saturday was rainy, so we stayed in for most of the day. I knitted and DH gamed while we watched Buffy. That evening we headed to YA, J and YS's gingerbread (read: graham cracker) house decorating party. Met a lot of new people, had a lot of sugary fun.

DH's creation
My blurry manger.
Sunday was also rainy, so knitting and Buffy in the morning. Then I headed over to Gauge Knits where I took a class on soap making (the heat-already-made-soap-add-scent-color-and-dye-then-pour-into-molds-to-set kind of soap making) taught by Knitcrawler. I preferred the soap re-combining to the soap making. It's easier and less caustic.
Here's the glycerin soap melting.
The table before we started.
Adding the dye and scent.
Spraying the soap in the mold with alcohol to prevent bubbles forming.
The mess at the end of class.
My finished soaps. These will probably be Christmas gifts.
After class I headed home for more Buffy and knitting. I’m really, just about, almost done on this baby blanket. I’ve only two thirds of a row of blocks, the garter stitch boarder, and some blocking left. I hope to be done by Wednesday.

Next time: A review of Rainbow Yarn and Fiber in Memphis.


MaryAnne said...

Now that's the kind of soap making I could get into! Very pretty creations, too!

Impressed by your manger, too - remarkably recognizable for being made out of candy. :)

Erin said...

I dig the manger. I can imagine you dig the thought of being very close to finished with that baby blanket. :)