Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Difference

If you google "types of yoga" you can find this. It says that Anusara yoga combines alignment of the body with finding the divine in yourself and others. Ashtanga yoga, on the other hand, is physically demanding form of yoga that uses flow from one pose to another to create purifying sweat and leaves you stronger and more calm.  Ashtanga is not for beginners.

I thought this past Saturday's class was going to be Anusara, and it was actually Ashtanga.  HUGE difference.  I didn't push myself to go further than I was comfortable with, but I was still very tired and sore after.  It was rather humbling to find out there was so much out there that one can do with one's body, that I can't do.  It was also inspiring, I don't necessarily want to do all of these poses in a quick flow, but I'd like to slowly work towards being able to do more of them.

After yoga, I went to HCW and spun this:

This is spun from some of the fiber that was sightly felted.  I carded it together and made rolags and it spun like a dream.  I had a single in a ball with me, so I plied the two together and got this:

I am glad that I decided to ply them. The yarn is more even and less likely to break. It just cuts the amount of yarn you have made in half. And while it makes sense, it is startling how much less yarn you have now than you did just half an hour ago. I need to spin about 20 more of these in order to make enough for a shawl.  But, I've got one down. 

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