Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Have wheel, need more fiber

So... I've not cast on that garter stitch scarf. I have gotten further on my handspun lace scarf.

I’ve also been spinning like it's going out of style. I finished spinning up the Potash fiber, plied it, and now need to wash it and let the twist set.

I need to get some oil for my wheel. I shouldn't be spinning without it, but I can't seem to help myself. The only spinning wheel oil in captivity in the Austin area is in Paige, Texas. Somewhere east on 290. So I'll be going road trip on Thursday to get it.
Meanwhile, here's some fun yarn I spun up:

I took different colored fiber (left over from my spinning 101 and 201 classes) and carded it together to get the multicolored striping. I'm planning on spinning up some white wool and plying them together so that there is a continuous color tying the random stripes together.

Here's what not to do when you wash a skein:
This is what happens when you forget to tie off your skein and don't realize it till after you've washed it. It's all good, I got it all untangled and hung it up to dry then wound it into a ball. And now I have NO idea what to do with it.

It took me so long to spin any yarn while I was using a spindle, or a spinning wheel once a week, that I had plenty of time to decide what I was going to make with the yarn once I was done. Now that I have my own wheel and I’m on a spinning kick, I find I don't know what I want to do with the yarn I've made. I guess should start making thicker yarn, as most of the time I prefer to knit with worsted weight. But I don’t have very much fiber of the same type much less the same colorway, and I feel like I’m getting the most out of the fiber when it’s lace weight. Of course, this means I need more fiber. DH might have something to say about that.

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