Monday, April 11, 2011

Fiber Festival Prep

I’m preparing for my first fiber fest; actually it’s a fiber fiesta. The first annual Yellow Rose Fiber Fiesta will be held Friday and Saturday in Seguin, Texas. If I lived in San Antonio there would be no problem going to both days; San Antonio closes for Fiesta on Friday. Austin does not celebrate Fiesta, so I can only go on Saturday. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out about the fiesta until after the April 1st deadline to sign up for classes. I’m hoping that there will be some open spots and I can register the day of.

It’s the first year they are doing it, so I’m not expecting much. But, as I missed out on Kid 'n Ewe in November, I’m determined to go. There is a needle felting class that I’d like to take. I’d also like to take the Spinning III class, but it is just a little too advanced for me.

The first goal when you are learning to spin is a continuous yarn. The second goal is a consistent yarn. As long as I’m using fiber that isn’t felted, I’ve got both of those down for the most part. Now I need to learn how to make woolen vs. worsted. I also need to learn and practice the different draws. Oh, and getting a spinning wheel so that I can practice more than once a week might help.

I’m undecided on which wheel I want. I really like spinning on the Louet Julia. It is smooth and doesn’t fight me on which direction I want it to go. I love the look of the Ladybug, but it’s a little more finicky. Also, they have a tendency to make a click or thump when you get them going. I’d like to try the Sidekick, before I make my decision. Having a spinning wheel that folds up nicely, but is not just a travel wheel sounds perfect. Maybe someone will have one at the fiber fiesta and will let me try it.

I need to make some more rolags and take them to HCW to spin on the Ladybug. Last time I spun on the Ladybug I was having issues because I had not carded the felted fiber. It was also on a day when I had just an hour to spin and had not found my rhythm before I had to leave. If it works out better next time I’ll really consider the Ladybug, if not I may have to get the Julia. But I’m not planning on making any decisions until after this weekend, at the earliest.


Erin said...

What is a rolag? (sorry if I missed it, I did a search on the blog, but couldn't find a definition)

seeherknit said...

Oops, sorry for not defining my terms! Rolag is the roll of fiber you get after hand carding. So you use the spiky hand carders, they look like giant dog brushes, put the wool between them and brush the carders against each other so that the wool fbers are all aligned. Then you roll the fiber off the carder, and that's a rolag.