Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Setting aside time

Yoga Scott is out of town.  He has given us suggested poses we could be doing while he is a way, but it is not the same. Truth be told I've thought about doing yoga, but haven't actually gotten 'round to it. It's unlikely that I'll get up extra early and do it before work, and I have a hard time finding time in the evening.

I really benefit from a class, more than just for learning new things. It is a time set aside for yoga, and only yoga. Well, there may be a bit of socializing, but for the most part it's just yoga. I'm out of my house away from the distractions of the computer, the dog, the DH, the TV and the yarn. I'm more likely to go to a yoga class, than decide to do yoga for myself at a certain time and actually do it. Maybe today will be different.

I skipped going to the gym today. I had weight training yesterday and I'm really sore.  Instead I went to HEB to pick up some milk and stopped by the pet store to pick up a bone for the dog.  We need to trim her nails, and the bone will be a good treat when we are done.  Once the dog's nails are shorter, and a few quick errands are run, and dinner has been eaten and digested. I'll set aside time for yoga.

For now, I'm going to work on my knitting.  I've just started the echo flower shawl. I'm using the yarn I was thinking about using for the endpaper mitts.  I'll find other yarn for them. Right now lace is calling me louder than colorwork. And knitting is calling much louder than yoga.

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