Thursday, April 21, 2011


I promised a lot of pictures last time, so here they are.
The wheel came in just a few parts.
Most of the wheel:

The treadles:

Here’s what it looks like put together:

So I didn’t get pictures of actually putting it together because, well, I was the one putting it together and the one taking pictures, and it is hard to do both. Also, the instructions were really well written and it was a snap to put together, so I didn’t feel like there needed to be documentation for later.

Fiber from the Fiesta:

A blend of merino, bamboo, and firestart (sparkle) called red tartan, I can't remember who I bought it from.
2 parts wool, 1 part cashmere, 1 part silk from Wooden Spinner 

Recycled sari silk from WC Mercantile 
Milk top, yes that is yarn made from milk proteins, incredibly soft. Also from WC Mercantile

Here’s the fiber that I spun from the Frabjous Fibers Merion Sparkle in Deep Space:

I took it with me to the fiesta and ran it through a hand crank carder there to unfelt it.

SO much easier than hand carding it all. I wish I’d done the same with the blue crunchy stuff, but I hadn’t brought it with me. I did end up hand carding and spinning the blue crunchy. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.
Look, I finally got a niddy noddy! Now I can tell how much yarn I’ve made!

I’ve picked a pattern for my first lace weight (sort of) yarn. I’m going to make Air Deluxe
Here’s how far I am already:

I wish that I could make a really fabulous triangular shawl with this handspun, but I just didn’t have enough yarn when all was done. Also, I think that the pattern that I picked both shows off that it is hand spun, but doesn’t judge the unevenness as harshly as a traditional shawl might. Is that a nupp* in the wrong place, or did you just spin the yarn poorly?

I’ve been going back and forth between lace projects, here’s the other one I’ve been working on:

It’s the Echo flower shawl, and I know that it’s bunchy now, but should block out beautifully.
I got some yarn to make an even longer shawl from Gauge Knits [link] last week, but I may be overdoing it on the lace. I might make a little tank top from it, but we will see.

*A nupp is a bump in a lace shawl added for texture. To create one you knit a bunch of stitches into one stitch on the first row, and then the next row you purl them all together.

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