Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fingerless Gloves vs. Socks

Some people love to knit socks; I am not a fan. Oh, I’ve made a few, and there are plenty of reasons to love making them. They are fairly quick, very portable, and you can play with all sorts of different designs and patterns. But. I don’t live in a climate where you need to wear socks often. I wear Birkenstocks as often as I can. And I have a hard time spending so much time on a project no one, except another knitter, is ever going to understand how cool it is.

That’s probably why I’ve fallen so hard for fingerless gloves. I’ve finished two pair recently, and I’ve got another two in mind. Not counting the ones I promised a friend. I might go back and try socks again now that I’ve mastered (sort of) knitting two on one magic loop. I’ve got two thirds of one sock done. I’ll probably rip it out. It has sat unloved for so long that frogging and starting over won’t hurt.

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