Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Austin Knits

Seeing so many yarn stores in such a small amount of time made it easy to compare them. It also helped me see my local yarn stores with fresh eyes.

Monday at lunch, I headed over to Hill Country Weavers.

You walk up and are greeted with yarn even before you make it in the door.

There’s so much yarn and so much fiber and so many books, I’m just going to guide you through it using pictures.
View from front door.

Look right.

View into book room.

The book room.

Leaving book room.


Wall of needles.

The back room has fiber!

And it's where they teach classes.

They also have basket weaving stuff.

There is also a whole different house where you can sit and knit, but I didn't go in there so no pictures, sorry.

HCW was the first yarn store I went to as a new knitter and I have a lot of love for the place and the ladies who work there.

By the time I got to Gauge Knits, I was just about yarn shopped out. I felt a bit bad because I really like the ladies who work there but my small talk skills were kaput at the time. Gauge is the closest store to my house, and I’ve been known to hang there on craft night. It felt a bit odd to be taking pictures since I’ve been there so often. But I felt that I should in order for the 9 shop reviews to be complete. I was not as thorough as I’d been at other shops.

There’s a cute little courtyard right outside of Gauge where one can sit and knit.

There’s a seated area right as you come in the door.

And then there’s yarn all along the walls.

There's a back room that has a table and fiber and... I didn't get any pictures. I was crawled out.

Next time: the spoils of the yarn crawl

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