Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Old Oaks Ranch

After about an hour drive from Horseshoe Bay, we arrived at The Old Oaks Ranch Fiber Arts Center. It’s in Wimberley, smack dab in the middle of the Hill Country. The drive was pretty; if we weren’t in the middle of a drought it would have been glorious.
It was a little chilly (around 65 degrees) so I only took a quick picture of the outside.

Inside was warm and welcoming. 
And blurry!

There was a place to sit and knit.

They had fiber! Some dyed and some straight off the alpaca.

Some of which I made mine.

I’ll need to wash and card it before I spin it.

They had a room full of looms.

And one in the main room set up so people could try it.
And there's all that fiber around it too!

Outside there was where the alpacas live.
The little blurry thing in the back is an alpaca
They also had a cool sculpture garden.

And then back into the van, and we were off to San Antonio.

Next time: The Yarn Barn, unfortunate name, fabulous store; and Yarnivore!

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