Sunday, October 16, 2011

San Antonio Has Yarn Stores!

I’ve been to San Antonio quite a few times and never thought to seek out any yarn stores. I have now been to two of them and I’m sure that there are more. The two that we went to were The Yarn Barn and Yarnivore.

The Yarn Barn is not far from Trinity, where my sister goes to college.

It’s an older store, opened in 1972, and I think that helps explain the name. It’s in this cute old house, and is filled top to bottom with yarn and needlepoint.

You are greeted with a wall of yarn

There’s a case with all sort of goodies.

Sock yarn and the required wall of circular needles.

Down this hallway there are sections of different types of yarn.
And sometimes there are other surprises in the nooks

At the end of the hall you take a right and there’s a place for people to block out their work or sit and knit.

And then there is the needlepoint part. There are racks of different patterns.

There is every color of embroidery thread you could ever want.

There was sadly no fiber, but I did end up buying a beautiful purple skein of lace weight yarn.

I see a large lace shawl in my future, possibly Aeolian.

The second shop in San Antonio was Yarnivore.

It is in a little shopping center and you have to be on the look out or you might miss it. While Yarn Barn was a discovery in series of rooms, Yarnivore was a large open space where everything was laid out for you to lust after.

There was locally dyed yarn.
The blurry hot pink thing says:
Locally dyed!
Alisha Goes Around
Hand dyed in New Braunfels, TX

There was a wall of yarn that just went on forever.

There was fiber!

You can tell it is fiber because it’s near a spinning wheel.

We sat and had lunch in the van outside Yarnivore (it was about 2pm by then), and then off to Comfort. 

Next time: The Tinsmith’s Wife.

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Erin said...

Like I said before. 'The Yarn Barn' sounds like Redneck craft hell.